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Has anyone had the chance to work with all 12 synergy stones?

Do you feel like these are the definitive twelve stones to have or would you switch a few out for trade?

I have mixed feelings about a few of the stones and I am not sure if they just don't resonate with me, or if I am having a hard time accepting things like Satyloka Quartz, and Azeztulite as end all be all stones... Hmmmph... Whelp, I have yet to own the full collection so until then I am hoping to gain some insight on these wonderful stones :)

Just got some Phenacite and Petalite today :)
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    Wed, April 1, 2009 - 9:21 AM
    IMO this is a stupid thing to do, making 12 stones be the definitive ones for crystal work, especially when some of the stones are trademarked ones with questionable origins and highly advanced new age marketing. What about all the other gems, stones, and minerals? What about using your own sensitivity, awareness, and intuition to connect with the stones that will work best for you? I just got back from a trip to Argentina, where I got to feel the energy of very amazing wind and sand sculpted volcanic basalt and quartz, material that isn't in any book, and if it got into the hands of certain new age marketing experts, would get a spectacular description and increase 10 times in price.
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      Wed, April 1, 2009 - 9:38 AM
      How is this "marketing" any different from the marketing that you do and upon which your business floats in general due to the lore that has built up over time?
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        Wed, April 1, 2009 - 10:49 AM
        If you need to ask this question, then IMO, we are very far apart in our views of what constitutes ethical crystal marketing and practices. Check out my web site,, and you will see our marketing style. We believe in seeing the stones and crystals and where they come from, and in keeping descriptions short and concise. "The lore that has built up over time" is distinct from newly channeled information applied to trademarked stones. If someone wants to buy crystals and stones from people who corner the market on a style of quartz, and create fantastic descriptions, which often contain factual inaccuracies and are at best loosely based on prior knowledge about crystals, then that's their choice. Our company's mission is to distribute crystals as widely as possible and for the most fair price (to the miners, any intermediaries, us, and customers). I'm in the field throughout Brazil and now Argentina, searching for dynamic energy crystals, and constantly am coming across new and wonderful things. We would probably make lots and lots more money, if I trademarked many of our finds, sold them for highly inflated prices, and published a beautiful book and metaphysical show guides extolling their virtues. But that would mean that many regular people and crystal workers could be priced out of the market, or have to buy a small, little crystal by the gram, instead of a bigger, more appropriately sized piece for the same price. Fortunately, the general crystal buying public is growing in its ability and awareness to see that when someone is selling something for much more than the average market price for similar, or in some cases, the exact same material, and that it doesn't feel or look any different except for a trademark or special name, then they certainly have the option to buy somewhere else. And if you are going to believe everything written about a trademarked stone, have great personal experience with it, and want to buy a company's 12 stone set, then that is easy to do. My main point was that people can use their own perception and awareness to evaluate and choose stones.
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          Wed, April 1, 2009 - 1:17 PM
          Well, here is the rub. You seem to be mocking the "beliefs" of a certain group of people concerning crystalline energies while alleging that "beliefs" about other crystals are kosher. In fact, you yourself use terms that people outside of the crystal afficonado world would consider to be blatant, spurious marketing tactics. The term "Lemurian" for instance is very likely of dubious reference - the story being that these floaters were placed in the ground by the ancient Lemurians to be found later. Now you may not personally believe that myth but you continue to use the term to describe some of the crystals you sell. Likewise you invoke "Isis" and feng shui as considerations in crystal selection. That is from one vantage point a marketing tactic. You endorse the "record keeper" idea about the triangular markings on crystals. With the exception of feng shui these are all "new age" ideas of recent vintage and do not have some venerable tradition behind them. Even if they did, that would not automatically put those ideas in a superior position to the ideas of recent origin whether they were channeled or whatever. In a sense, all ideas about crystalline energies are "channeled." The "channel" is the channel you have opened up to receive these vibrations in the first place.
          Thw whole price thing is futile to argue. If Heaven and Earth's price's are too high the market will punish them for it. If some people have more money than sense and you think they are wasting their money on say an Azeztulite pendant that doesn't really give you the right to say that your lemurian seeds are priced in a superior fashion. To some people your crystals are priced too high. The scale of value is entirely relative. There are people who say that you are completely bamboozling and hoodwinking the gullible public by selling your crystals for any price at all.
          I do not see how you can claim a moral high ground here.
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            Thu, April 2, 2009 - 7:57 AM
            I'm not seeking to claim any moral high ground. My interest is encouraging people to think, feel, and sense for themselves when selecting stones to use, and to be aware of how stones are marketed and promoted. I realize that we don't agree on the ethics/practice of trademarking crystals, cornering the market on them, inflating the price, and extolling their fantastic virtues and amazing powers for page after page. IMO, one or two paragraphs is plenty. You think our business practices are no different, I think they are. I agree that this will sort itself out in the market.
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              Thu, April 2, 2009 - 9:06 AM
              I have no particullar relationship with Heaven and Earth jewelry and don't buy much from them, but I am always amazed by their enthusiasm and their wonderful Book of Stones which has done so much to bring people into this vibration. They have perceptive things to say about many stones that they don't "own." Their little book on Moldavite is a treasure. Nor do they "own" any stones anyway. They have simply trademarked a name. That is not the same thing as owning a stone. I especially don't understand why people excoriate them for trademarking a name while in the same breath alleging that Azeztulite for instance is "just quartz." If that is the case then what does it matter? Let Heaven and Earth do it's own thing. If it's just quartz then the market for it should peter out pretty quickly.

              Also, this idea that one can discriminate against a seller by the length of time of amount of verbiage they use to extoll the virtues of something strikes me as being a sort of religious controversy. "My church is quieter than yours, so my church is more graced" sort of thing. Next time your store has one of its seminars maybe you should put a word count meter on it to make sure there hasn't been an unseemly amount of talk. Extra talkative and enthusiastic people should not be allowed through the door at all. They might disrupt the service. Heaven forbid that someone would express excessive enthusiasm for the energies they are feeling.

              Then there is this idea that there is some "average price" for a given crystal as if they could be sold by the pound. Well, they can as we can see here at Jim Coleman's mines.


              But when you look at the crystals it becomes apparent how ludicrous it is to maintain that crystals have some average quality or identifying chracteristics that make them homgeneous. On the Coleman page there are crystals sold for 10 dollars a pound that look energetically superior to the ones sold for $30.00 a pound. Nor does an "average price" mean anything when market conditions fluctuate as they certainly are doing now while the economy deteriorates. Crystal prices are falling from what I can see on Ebay except for certain rarities like ajoite which because of scarcity and collector demand still seems to be holding up. I think a major reason for the price holding up is that the crystal has astonishing energies which crystal people cherish and for which they are willing to pay extra if the supply is scarce and demand is high. It's not 'just quartz" with pretty blue spots.

              Here's the feeling I get about Heaven and Earth jewelry - some fellow competitors in the crystal market do not like the "cut of their jib." Your constant harping on "style" is really about nothing more than that -"style." There they are with their fancy-schmancy Yale education and business degrees, their polished diction, and their pretty pictures. What an insult! But what they have done overall to raise consciouness about the crystalline vibe has been of enormous benefit, and it has uplifed the crystal market too. All these other petty little carpings and whinings are the real insult.
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    Wed, April 1, 2009 - 9:22 AM
    I have tried putting all 12 of those in a pouch and wearing it. It was a bundle of energy for sure, but I didn't want to wear it a lot. .
    Azeztulite sounds phony but I have always loved it. Some of the so called "golden aura" azeztulite I have is amazing stuff too.
    By the way, mixing phenacite and petalite can be good.

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