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topic posted Mon, November 27, 2006 - 4:52 PM by  Ramona
I've had a whole bunch of traumatic experiences bringing crystals through airport security. I instinctively don't like subjecting crystals and stones to the x-ray machines but want them with me on the plane. One woman said "just keep them in your pocket". So the next time I did but got in trouble for it. I asked the supervisor over to verify that they were just some rocks but he insisted they be x-rayed and was explaining to me that "it won't hurt it" and insisting that my quartz wand, that often feels too powerful to even hold and I rarely even bring out to share with people, travel by itself in a little plastic tub through the x-ray machine.

I had the worst physical sensations as this was done, where it felt like every cell in my body was being attacked and robbed of its vitality. I almost collapsed and my whole body was trembling. Since then, my crystal just hasn't felt the same. The whole experience leaves me sad and angry.

I wonder if other people have thoughts or experiences about this. Any advice for future air travel? Perhaps I should I just leave my stones at home. Any insight into the energetic effects of security x-rays on crystals? Best way to recharge crystals after x-raying?

My experiences have taught me that it's better to keep your crystals wrapped in something protective and buried deep in your bag than risk sending them through on their own. The risk is, though, in using something that deflects the rays they will search your luggage by hand in search of your stones. (This has happened to me too).

Frustrated and saddened,
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SF Bay Area
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    Mon, November 27, 2006 - 11:49 PM
    Have you tried wrapping them in silk? Silk, from what I have read, is a potent insulator for the energies of our crystal friends.

    But then, I have no clue if the silk would be proof against the x-rays (but I'm fairly sure that it would not cause problems from the security people's point of view).
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    Tue, November 28, 2006 - 10:29 AM
    this may be too simple, but can you wrap them well and check them at the counter? i know you won't have them on the plane then... but at least you'll have them at your destination without the trauma of xrays...:(
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      Tue, November 28, 2006 - 10:30 AM
      well, they'll be on the plane with you, but not in your hands...
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        Tue, November 28, 2006 - 1:43 PM
        I actually just travelled to and from Vegas with a few crystals wrapped in a bag inside my purse. I didn't notice any change in them after going through the xray machine. I had charged them with Reiki about 2 hours prior to going though security - maybe that helped.

        Sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience travelling with your crystals.

        Love and Light!
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          Tue, November 28, 2006 - 7:48 PM
          How about try a cleansing? Some sage and sea salt.
          I just had some bad experiences too in an airport coming back from thanksgiving. I had apophylite in my bag and they thought it was something weird....had to get pulled aside and all my stuff searched. Even some very sacred things that other people shouldnt even see, nevermind have a TSA officer prod into them.
          Totally, totally worth it to check the bags. No way will I subject my babes to that again!
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    Wed, November 29, 2006 - 2:32 PM
    coming back from the tuscon show last year, i experienced the same exceptions for crystals going through the xray, even after crying and explaining that crystals are sponges that store energy they have been exposed to and even after explaining that my crystals were to be used to make medicine, the tsa didn't care....from now on i will not fly with crystals, i have to drive with them, it is my opinion that radiation would be hard to mentally clear from any crystal, and i really worry about how often crystals go through those xray machines...
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      Thu, November 30, 2006 - 2:00 PM
      i had a run in with these airport security types... they almost didnt let me take my lemurian quartz crystal on the plane b/c it had a sharp point.. also they wanted to to xray my kunzite crystal even though it was plain as day that there was nothing inside of it... you can clearly see right through it, but i know they xrayed it just to fuck with me. i simply cleansed the crsytals w/ fresh water + sunlight and didnt let it bother me. i mean who knows there very well could be a weapon beyond their comprehension locked somewhere inside the atlantian crystal.
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        Thu, November 30, 2006 - 2:03 PM
        i did keep the crystals in my pocket tho... they wanted to xray them after i got the ultra super secret random search i always get when i fly outta JFK... but never get when i fly TO jfk from another destination. crystals are better left in your pocket to go through the metal detector.. make sure you've removed everything from your pockets except the crystals.
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    Thu, November 30, 2006 - 4:21 PM
    I wear a neck-pouch with a piece of morion quartz in it, and while I was asked about it, they didn't want to examine it. I just showed it to the TSA in the palm of my hand, and it seemed okay by him, so I got to go through the regular metal detector with it still around my neck.

    On the other hand, every other frigging thing on my person was thoroughly searched... -_- I tell you, they do all this looking, and they still fail to realize that a child of five could arm himself with deadly weapons from things on the plane itself! The springs under the seats have pointy ends, for pete's sakes! A cousin of mine was able to free a few springs from under his seat within twenty minutes of takeoff! *grumble*

    I flew out of and back to Atlanta in October. Leaving Atlanta was hellish. Returning was an absolute nightmare... I'd repost my rant on it here, but I don't want to dredge all that back up, and I don't want to go too off topic, either.

    But, anyway, as for cleansing the stones: I personally would've used moon water, but that's my own method. Soak in moon water over night, then spend the next day on my person, or at least in close contact with me (in the case of big stones). I don't do any healing work, but I understand that stones for healing must be very finely tuned and sensitive indeed, so I have no idea what to suggest there -- intuition would guide me, but again, that's just my take on it.
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    Sun, December 3, 2006 - 10:06 PM
    Dear Ramona,

    I fly back from Brazil at least 5 times a year, and carry lots of crystals back in my luggage. They usually x-ray the luggage when you pass through Miami customs, and probably do the same at other airports, too, but it happens where you can't see it. I haven't noticed any difference in the energy of the crystals. I always carry 3 or 4 pocket crystals, and wear 5 or so more (currently epidote, tangerose, black tourmaline, hiddenite, and blue kyanite) on necklaces with very minimal and simple wire wraps. On my Brazil trips and probably twenty or more additional flights a year, I have never had any security person ask to see the crystals or for me to take off the jewelry. They never set off any thing with the walk through metal detectors. All of the pocket pieces are small, with the largest being a tabular tangerose that's about 3" inches long. My carry-on luggage is always filled with crystals, gets x-rayed going through security, and again, I haven't noticed any difference. I don't put anything in carry-on with a point that's longer than 3". They let you carry small knives and scissors up to 4", so I make sure to stay well below the limit. Anything longer or more bulky goes in my checked luggage. I pack them very well and carefully, put groups in separate boxes, and everything arrives safely.

    It sounds like you had some really strong experiences with your crystals. It could be a result of you not feeling comfortable with the process, or responding to being worried about and separated from your special crystals. You could just wrap them well and send them in a checked bag, but it may be x-rayed anyway. I can't imagine not flying with my crystals. They love to travel, and I love the great energy and all the wonderful things they do to help me stay energized and balanced. You could put a small piece of black tourmaline or rutilated quartz with your quartz wand, if you feel that the wand is going to be negatively affected by passing through the x-ray machine. You could always bring along a small piece of selenite, too, and use it as needed.

    Keep in mind that crystals experience all kinds of things during formation, and that smoky quartz is the result of the crystal being exposed to natural radiation while it grows. As far as what to do to re-charge afterwards, I always check in with my crystals to see what they want. You may find that they are not as bothered by the experience as you are. I often observe that crystals seem to enjoy getting some special attention, and I can imagine your quartz wand riding along in it's personal plastic tub, just like a high-tech laptop, going through what it needs to do to be with you on your journey.

    Good luck on your next trip!

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      Wed, December 6, 2006 - 11:49 AM

      While everyone's experiences are different, I might suggest that it's your feelings towards the indignity of the security checks that might be behind your feeling a different energy from the crystal. I realize that I might or might not sound like an ass for saying that, so take it as you will - I'm just some dude on the internet spouting off about rocks. Let me share a bit of my personal experience with air travel and crystals, though...

      I've traveled a bit with some of my crystals, and x-rays have never seemed to be a problem, at least for me. Letting the x-rays charge your crystals can be a great way to interface with the energy systems in airports (some bleak, grey, boring stuff, lemme tell ya!). With the proper mindset, this interface can be used to make air travel a lot easier for you and the people around you. Normally, I'm all about free will and don't do energy work on the unsuspecting, but combatting negative programming doesn't break any ethical bonds for me. Since 9/11, there's been this undercurrent of fear that's especially bad on airplanes, and I feel it's something that needs fixing.

      After charging my rocks with the x-ray machine, I use phantom quartz, amethyst and blue kyanite to store, transmute, and rebroadcast these energies. When possible, I also like to hide a piece of blue kyanite on the airplaine, preferably where it won't come directly in contact with metal. The phantom quartz and amethyst help to remove negative energy fields, and the energy from them can either be channeled into the kyanite for transformation, or into black tourmaline or something similar for disposal later.

      Does anybody else have experience with something similar?
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        Wed, December 6, 2006 - 8:52 PM
        --- DrZ wrote:
        --- "Letting the x-rays charge your crystals..."
        --- "After charging my rocks with the x-ray machine, I ... store,
        --- transmute, and rebroadcast these energies..."

        What a wonderfully positive way to look at the situation and deal with it gracefully! Bravo! I would stick a "GOLD STAR" on your post if I could! :)


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